Notre Dame Academy, Jamalpur has celebrated its 65th NOTRE DAME DAY on Feb. 2nd 2015 and Notre Dame, Munger its 58th! By this time our Alumni are spread all over India and abroad and quite a few of you are in touch with at least some of them through social medias like Facebook and WhatsApp. In recent years you may have noticed a growing desire among you and the need to strengthen these connections with the formation of a Notre Dame Alumni Association.

I remember about ten years ago when I was still in Notre Dame Academy, Munger I received a surprise phone call from one of our Alumni who was already a pilot based in Bombay. I was happy I was not in the school office at the time, but alone in my room with no interruption, to fully share in his joy and excitement. The reason for his great joy was the discovery of a few others right there in Bombay who also belonged to his own Alma Mater. He said they easily recognized a student from the School when they met her/him anywhere and the group contact grew. So they wanted to get-together and find out what exactly was that distinctive characteristic which made them click. He said that they finally came to the happy conclusion that, 'It was Notre Dame!' and happily celebrated it!

This I think is the first and foremost reason for an Alumni Association of Notre Dame Academy ,Jamalpur & Munger to be born. Reconnecting with your schoolmates, friends and people from your past always makes you nostalgic and new and meaningful relationships emerge as you share from your common stock and revisit your school legacy. As you expand your networking with the members of the Association and find out where each one has been, and share each other`s stories, it can also be a rejunuvating experience, fostering both personal and professional growth. Through the Association you receive support and encouragement to achieve your dreams, preserving and expanding your Notre Dame heritage through your own personal and professional lives out there in the world. The Alumni Association also enables you to arrange and participate in Alumni events like various meetings, get-togethers, seminars, trips, fund raising, charity fairs etc.and opens up avenues for joint action.

The Alumni Association helps you to establish a new and meaningful bondedness with your Alma Mater. Notre Dame has a rich edu cational legacy and heritage around the globe and you feel blessed and proud to be part of this great family of Worldwide Notre Dame. As Alumni you re-enter and cherish its Core Values: The Centrality of a Good & Provident God, The Dignity and Worth of Every Person, A Special love for the Poor and marginalized and Thoroughness in providing a Value based Education.

As Members of Notre Dame Alumni Association, it is now your challenge to make these values ripple out through your creative skills to translate them into Action! It gives you an opportunity to give back to your School and the Society .It will lead you to keep in close contact with your Alma Mater and all its latest developmental needs and a special bonding with the current student community, planning various projects for them as well as specific services & projects benefitting the disadvantaged.

So Welcome to All our Alumni To "join together, join together Notre Dame"

This time ,
To Celebrate Your Past with Gratitude,
To Embrace Your Present with Passion,
To Look to the Future together with Great Hope!
With All Best Wishes for our Alumni Association, Sister Mary Lalita,S.N.D.

Alumni association is one of the manyways of homecoming to be re-connected with one another and to re-engage with the Alma Mater. It is a means of reaching out and to be involved and to continue to be inspired to inspire young mindsto be responsible and useful citizens of our society, country and world at large.

It is a blessing to remain connected. My heartiest congratulations to all the co-ordinators along with best wishes and God's blessings. My prayer is that may all your dreams come true.

Sr. Mary Nirmal
NDA Jamalpur

“What was thought impossible has happened and what is thought possible has not yet happened”.
- Dr. A.P.J. KALAM

I think this saying of Dr.Kalam is very appropriate at the inception of Notre Dame Alumni Association as there are many more possible things yet to be evolved and happened.

Hearty congratulations to all the former students of Notre Dame Academy Munger! It is heartening to know that the vibrant spirit and enthusiasm of all the former students are kept alive and they are in touch with each other, despite of the distance with regard to their job placements and residence. I am proud to know that most of our ex students are well settled in their career, holding responsible positions thus taking our nation forward. It is their dynamic and fruitful contribution to society which makes each of us believes that true education is giving back to society what one received. The objective of Notre Dame Education is to train young people for unselfish leadership so that the students we educate will be able to change the oppressive structure of society by standing for justice and human rights. It is with this hope and optimism that a forward journey of Notre Dame as the organization of Alumni is getting evolved.

Sr. Anjana, SND
Notre Dame Academy, Munger

Dear Students,

I wish you all the best as you start this aluminus. May God be with you and guide you with his wisdom & love to serve the people in thier need at any cost. Be greatfull to God for all that he has given you.

Remember "Even the greatest creation starts from small seeds".

Sr. Prateeti, SND

Every time I meet an alumnai of Notre Dame Jamalpur / Munger or receive a phone call from them I am thrilled and it always ends with a positive note and the chain of linkage keeps increasing.

This year, on Teacher’s Day, I was delightfully surprised to have been fondly remembered by several of our alumnai from Patna, Ranchi, Orissa and Bangalore. Invariably, the conversation always revolves around their alma mater recalling of their varied memories that have made a lasting impact on their lives.

This year, we celebrated the 65th birthday of Notre Dame Jamalpur and 58th of Notre Dame Munger…. Years laden with nostalgic memories and unforgettable experiences …… wonderful years in the fulfilling mission of Education.

It is very heartening to know that our Alumnai is seriously pondering and working toward forming an Alumnai. My hearty congratulations to Sister Mary Lalita for her indomitable spirit and unflagging energy in meeting small groups of alumnai at various places and for keeping on fanning the fir of their enthusiasm in forming the Notre Dame Alumnai Association as early as possible . I also thank toward forming the Association.

Let us look forward with trust and launch into the deep…..remembering the past with gratitude and living the present with enthusiasm ……and looking forward to the future with full confidence in the Good God ….. to make our dream come true.

United with you always with full prayerful support,
Sr. M.Vijaya, SND